Anne Élisabeth o Fraunce

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Anne Élisabeth o Fraunce
Daughter o Fraunce
Daughters of France.jpg
Anne Élisabeth Élisabeth with her sister Marie Anne (frae a larger painting)
Born 18 November 1662(1662-11-18)
Louvre, Paris, France
Dee'd 30 December 1662 (aged 42 days)
Louvre, Paris, France
Buirial Ryal Basilica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
Full name
Anne Élisabeth de France
Faither Louis XIV o Fraunce
Mither Maria Theresa o Austrick
Lozenge of a "Daughter of France" (Fille de France).svg
Coat o arms o a daughter o Fraunce

Anne Élisabeth o Fraunce, Daughter o Fraunce (18 November 1662 - 30 December 1662) wis a daughter o Keeng Louis XIV an his wife Maria Theresa o Austrick She wis named in honour o her grandmithers Anne o Austrick (Louis XIV's mither) and Elisabeth o Fraunce (Maria Theresa's mither) She died as a result o a fluxion de poitrine (a form o pneumonia)