Anna o Austrick (1585-1618)

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Anna o Austrick
Anna of Tyrol as Holy Roman Empress.jpg
circa 1611 painting bi an unknown artist.
Haly Roman Empress
Queen consort o Germany
Tenur21 Mey 1612 – 14 December 1618
Coronation25 Mairch 1613
Queen consort o Hungary an Bohemie
Tenur4 December 1611 – 14 December 1618
Born4 October 1585
Innsbruck, Austrick
Dee'd14 December 1618 (aged 33)
Hofburg Pailace, Vienna, Austrick
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
SpouseMatthias, Haly Roman Emperor
HooseHabsburgs o Austrick
FaitherFerdinand II, Airchduke o Austrick
MitherAnna Juliana Gonzaga
ReleegionRoman Catholic

Anna o Austrick (4 October 1585 – 14 December 1618), wis an Airchduchess o Austrick bi birth an member o the Tyrolese branch o the Hoose o Habsburg an Haly Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen o Bohemie an Queen o Hungary as a sult o her 4 December 1611 mairiage tae Matthias, Haly Roman Emperor.

The first crowned Holy Roman Empress since the mid-15th century, she wis responsible for the moving o the Imperial coort frae Prague tae Vienna, which became ane o the centers o European culture. A proponent o the Counter-Reformation, she held a great influence over her husband, with whom she founded the Imperial Crypt, which later became in the burial place o the Habsburg dynasty.

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