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Anna Politkovskaya
Анна Политковская
Anna Politkovskaja im Gespräch mit Christhard Läpple.jpg
Politkovskaya during a Mairch 2005 interview in Leipzig, Germany
Born Anna Stepanovna Mazepa (Ukrainian: Га́нна Степа́нівна Мазе́па)
30 August 1958(1958-08-30)
New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Dee'd 7 October 2006(2006-10-07) (aged 48)
Moscow, Roushie
Thrift Jurnalist, writer
Naitionality Russian[1]
Ethnicity Ukrainian (faither)
Ceetizenship Roushie, Unitit States[2]
Alma mater Moscow State Varsity
Period 1982–2006
Subject Politics, freedom o the press, human richts, social issues
Notable warks Putin's Roushie: Life in a Failin Democracy
Notable awairds Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism
Spoose Alexander Politkovsky
  • Vera
  • Ilya

Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya (Roushie: А́нна Степа́новна Политко́вская; Ukrainian: Га́нна Степа́нівна Політко́вська [ˈɦɑnːɐ steˈpɑnʲiu̯nɐ pɔlʲitˈkɔu̯sʲkɐ]; née Mazepa [mɐˈzɛpɐ]; 30 August 1958 – 7 October 2006) wis a Roushie[1] jurnalist, writer, an human richts activist wha acame kent in her forties for her opposeetion tae the policies o Roushie Preses Vladimir Putin an, in pairteecular, his wagin o the Seicont Chechen War (1999-2005).[3]

On 7 October 2006, she wis murthert in the elevator o her block o flats, an assassination that attractit internaitional attention.[4][5][6] In Juin 2014 five men war sentenced tae prison for the murther, but it is still unclear wha ordered or peyed for the contract killin.[7]

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