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Anna Komnene

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Anna Komnene
Born1 December 1083
Porphyra Chamber, Great Pailace o Constantinople, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Dee'd1153 (age 70)
Monastery o Kecharitomene, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
SpouseNikephoros Bryennios the Younger
IssueAlexios Komnenos, megas doux
John Doukas
Irene Doukaina
Maria Bryennaina Komnene
HooseHoose o Komnenos
FaitherAlexios I Komnenos
MitherIrene Doukaina

Anna Komnene (Greek: Ἄννα Κομνηνή, Ánna Komnēnḗ; 1 December 1083 – 1153), commonly laitinised as Anna Comnena,[1] wis a Byzantine princess, scholart, physeecian, hospital admeenistrator, an historian.

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