Anna Isabella Gonzaga

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Anna Isabella Gonzaga
Ritratto di Anna Isabella Gonzaga di Guastalla.png
Duchess o Mantua an Montferrat
Tenure1671 –1702
Born12 Februar 1655(1655-02-12)
Guastalla, Italy
Dee'd11 August 1703(1703-08-11) (aged 48)
Mantua, Italy
BuirialSan Maurizio, Mantua
SpouseFerdinando Carlo Gonzaga
Full name
Anna Isabella Gonzaga
HooseGonzaga (bi birth)
Gonzaga (bi mairiage)
FaitherFerrante III o Guastalla
MitherMargherita d'Este

Anna Isabella Gonzaga (12 Februar 1655 – 11 August 1703), wis a Duchess consort o Mantua an Montferrat an heir o the Duchy o Guastalla, including Luzzara an Reggiolo; mairit in 1671 to Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. She wis the regent o Mantua during the War o the Spaingie Succession.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Julie o 1670, she mairit Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga, Duke o Mantua an Montferrat. Aa she wis a dochter o Ferrante III Gonzaga, Duke o Guastalla. This mairiage wis arranged bi the assistance o his aunt, Haly Roman Empress Dowager Eleanora Gonzaga (wife o Ferdinand III, Haly Roman Emperor) an took place in 1671. Anna Isabella Gonzaga wis the heir o the Duchy o Guastalla an Luzzara, an her rights transferred these areas, which haed long been a source o conflict atween the twa Gonzaga lines, tae the Mantua line o the Hoose o Gonzaga. During the years o the government o the Duke Ferdinando Carlo, the duchy of Mantua had a period o development an autonomy in respect o the Empire. This aroused the suspicions o the Spain which, fearing the strengthening o the small state o Mantua, decided to suspend payment o the annual contribution o 50,000 crowns a garrison o Casale, thus provoking the wrath of the Duke o Mantua. They haed nae issue. Duke Ferdinando Carlo would later mairy Suzanne Henriette o Lorraine.