Andrei Gromyko

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Andrei Gromyko
Andrei Gromyko 1972.jpg
Gromyko in 1972
Chairman o the Presidium o the Supreme Soviet
In office
27 Julie 1985 – 30 September 1988
Depute Vasili Kuznetsov
Pyotr Demichev
Precedit bi Konstantin Chernenko
Vasily Kuznetsov (actin)
Succeedit bi Mikhail Gorbachev
First Deputy Chairman o the Cooncil o Meenisters
In office
24 Mairch 1983 – 2 Julie 1985
Premier Nikolai Tikhonov
Precedit bi Heydar Aliyev
Succeedit bi Nikolai Talyzin
Meenister o Foreign Affairs
In office
14 Februar 1957 – 2 Julie 1985
Premier Nikolai Bulganin
Nikita Khrushchev
Alexei Kosygin
Nikolai Tikhonov
Precedit bi Dmitri Shepilov
Succeedit bi Eduard Shevardnadze
Permanent Representative o the Soviet Union tae the Unitit Naitions
In office
Aprile 1946 – 1948
Precedit bi Post creatit
Succeedit bi Yakov Malik
Full member o the 24t, 25t, 26t, 27t Politburo
In office
27 Aprile 1973 – 30 September 1988
Personal details
Born Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko
18 July [A.S. 5 July] 1909
Staryya Hramyki, Roushie Empire
Dee'd 2 Julie 1989(1989-07-02) (aged 79)
Moscow, Roushie SFSR, Soviet Union
Restin place Novodevichy seemetry
Naitionality Soviet
Poleetical pairty Communist Pairty o the Soviet Union
Spoose(s) Lydia Dmitrievna Grinevich (1911–2004)[1]
Profession Economist, diplomat, ceevil servant

Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko (Roushie: Андре́й Андре́евич Громы́ко; Belaroushie: Андрэ́й Андрэ́евіч Грамы́ка; 18 July [A.S. 5 July] 1909 – 2 Julie 1989) wis a Soviet statesman during the Cauld War. He served as Meenister o Foreign Affairs (1957–1985) an as Chairman o the Presidium o the Supreme Soviet (1985–1988). Gromyko wis responsible for mony tap deceesions on Soviet foreign policy till he retired in 1988. In the 1940s Wastren pundits cried him Mr. Nyet ("Mr. No") or "Grim Grom", acause o his frequent uise o the Soviet veto in the UN Security Cooncil.

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