André Malraux

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André Malraux
André Malraux, Pic, 22.jpg
André Malraux in 1974
Born3 November 1901(1901-11-03)
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd23 November 1976(1976-11-23) (aged 75)
Créteil, Fraunce
ThriftAuthor, statesman
Notable warksLa Condition Humaine (Man's Fate) (1933)
Notable awairdsPrix Goncourt
SpooseClara Goldschmidt, Josette Clotis, Marie-Madeleine Lioux
BairnsFlorence, Pierre-Gauthier, Vincent

André Malraux DSO (French: [ɑ̃dʁe malʁo]; 3 November 1901 – 23 November 1976) wis a French novelist, airt theorist an Meenister o Cultural Affairs.