André-Marie Ampère

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André-Marie Ampère
Ampere Andre 1825.jpg
Engraving o André-Marie Ampère
Born20 Januar 1775(1775-01-20)
Lyon, Fraunce
Died10 Juin 1836(1836-06-10) (aged 61)
Marseille, Fraunce
Kent forAmpère's circuital law, Ampère's force law
Scientific career
InstitutionsÉcole Polytechnique
SignaturAndré-Marie Ampère signature.svg

André-Marie Ampère (20 Januar 1775 – 10 Juin 1836)[1] wis a French pheesicist an mathematician who is generally regardit as ane o the main foonders o the science o classical electromagnetism, which he referred tae as "electrodynamics". The SI unit o measurement o electric current, the ampere, is named efter him.

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