Anders Behring Breivik

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Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik in 2011
Born (1979-02-13) 13 Februar 1979 (age 45)[1]
Oslo, Norawa[2]
Criminal penalty
21 years' preventive detention
Date22 July 2011
Oslo: 15:25 CEST
Utøya: 17:22–18:34 CEST[3][4]
Location(s)Oslo an Utøya, Norawa
Target(s)Norse Labour Pairty
WeaponsANFO van bomb
Ruger Mini-14 carbine
Glock 34 pistol

Anders Behring Breivik (Norse pronunciation: [ˈɑnːəʂ ˈbeːrɪŋ ˈbrɛiviːk];[6] born 13 Februar 1979) is a Norse far-richt terrorist wha committit the 2011 Norawa attacks. On 22 Julie 2011 he killed aicht fowk bi detonatin a van bomb amid the Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo, then shot deid 69 pairteecipants o a Workers' Youth League (AUF) simmer camp on the island o Utøya.[7][8] In August 2012 he wis convictit o mass murther, causin a fatal explosion, an terrorism.[9][10]

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