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Anderlecht is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Anderlecht municipality in the Brussels-Caipital Region
Coordinates: 50°50′N 04°20′E / 50.833°N 4.333°E / 50.833; 4.333Coordinates: 50°50′N 04°20′E / 50.833°N 4.333°E / 50.833; 4.333
CommunityFlemish Community
French Community
 • MayorGaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (MR)
 • Govrenin pairty/iesLB - PS-SP.A-CDH
 • Total17.91 km2 (6.92 sq mi)
 (1 January 2017)[1]
 • Total118,241
 • Density6,600/km2 (17,000/sq mi)
Postal codes
Area codes02

Anderlecht is ane o the nineteen municipalities locatit in the Brussels-Caipital Region.

Thare are several historically an airchitecturally destinct destricts athin the Anderlecht municipality.


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Oreegins an medieval times

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The first traces o human activity on the richt bank o the Senne date frae the Stane Age an Bronze Age. The remnants o a Roman villa an o a Frankish necropolis wur an aa foond on the territory o Anderlecht. The first mention o the name Anderlecht, housomeivver, dates anerlie frae 1047 unner the forms Anrelech, then Andrelet (1111), Andreler (1148), an Anderlech (1186). At that time, this community wis aaready hame tae a chapter o canons an tae twa feudal manors, those o the pouerful lairds o Aa an o Anderlecht.

In 1356, Louis o Male, Coont o Flanders fought against Brussels on the territory o Anderlecht, in the so-cried Battle o Scheut, supposedly ower a monetary matter. Although he defeatit his sister-in-law, Joanna, Duchess o Brabant, an briefly teuk her title, she regained it the follaein year wi the help o Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor. In 1393, Joanna’s chairter made Anderlecht a pairt o Brussels. It is an aa aroond this time that the kirk o Saunt Guido wis rebuilt abuin the earlier Romanesque crypt in the Brabant Gothic style.

Collegial Kirk o St. Peter an St. Guido

15t century till nou

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The ceety o Anderlecht became a beacon o cultur in the 15t an 16t century. In 1521, Erasmus lived in the canons’ hoose for a few months. Charles, Duke o Aumale an Grand Veneur o Fraunce an aa haed a residence here.

Anderlecht toun haw

The 17t an 18t century wur marked bi the wars aetween the Law Kintras an Fraunce. On November 13, 1792, richt efter the Battle o Jemappes, General Dumouriez an the French Revolutionary airmy routit the Austrians here ance again. Amang the consequences wur the disbandin o the canons an Anderlecht being proclaimed an independent commune bi the French. The 19t century saw a remarkable population growth, mainly acause o the proximity tae a rapidly expandin Brussels. Remarkable new urban developments an garden ceeties such as Het Rad an Moortenbeek wur built at the beginnin o the 20t century tae hoose the influx o newcomers. The day, the name Anderlecht rings a bell in ivery Belgian ear thanks tae its vera successful fitbaa club.

The annual Anderlecht fair, oreeginally a cattle fair, wis authorized bi William II o the Netherlands in 1825. Syne then, it haes taken the form o a series o celebrations, which still include animal shows but an aa ootdoors exhibitions, a floral show, an the recreation o a releegious procession in honor o Saunt Guido.

Moortebeek ceety
  • The Collegial Kirk o Saunt Peter an Saunt Guido is still at the centre o the ceety. Its Romanesque crypt dates frae the 10t century an is ane o the auldest in Belgium. Maist o the kirk, housomeivver, dates frae 1350 an later.
  • Richt next tae the kirk, the auld beguinage is hame tae a local historical museum.
  • The “Hoose o Erasmus”, built aroond 1450, an its medicinal garden can be visitit nearbi.
  • Anderlecht an aa affers the Cantillon Brewery - a gueuze museum hoosed in an actual wirkin brewery, an a Cheenae museum, hoosed in a convent o the CICM Missionaries.

Famous inhabitants

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Anderlecht is the hame o the fitbaa club R.S.C. Anderlecht, the maist successful Belgian fitbaa team in European competition as well as in the Belgian First Diveesion.

Twin touns — sister ceeties

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Anderlecht is twinned wi:


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Freemit airtins

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