Anatoly Slivko

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Anatoly Slivko
Анатолий Сливко
BornAnatoly Yemelianovich Slivko
28 December 1938(1938-12-28)
Izberbash, Dagestan ASSR, USSR
Dee'd16 September 1989(1989-09-16) (aged 50)
Novocherkassk, Rosuhie SFSR, USSR
Cause o daith
Executit (Gunshot tae the heid)
Criminal penalty
Span o killins
1964–23 Julie 1985
KintraRoushie SFSR
Date apprehendit
December 1985

Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko (Roushie: Анатолий Емельянович Сливко; 28 December 1938 – 16 September 1989) wis a Soviet serial killer who wis convictit o the murthers o seiven boys atween the ages o seiven an seiventeen in an aroond the Roushie ceety o Stavropol atween 1964 an 1985. Slivko wis a marriet faither o twa young childer.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1961, Slivko witnessed a gruesome traffic accident in which a boy in his early teens who wis wearin a Young Pioneers (Soviet equivalent o the Scouts) uniform wis killed. The scene sexually excitit him an he later recawed the accident vividly: the smell o petrol an fire. Slivko quickly exploitit his position at the childer's club he ran tae relive the fantasies o this accident: ance or twice a year, he wad form a close friendship wi a boy uisually agit atween 13 an 17. The boy wad be short for his age an wad be wearin the Young Pioneers uniform (juist like the boy in the traffic accident). Slivko wad gain the boy's confidence an tell him o an experiment he knew which involvit a controlled hangin intae unconsciousness, tae stretch the spine, efter which, the boy wis assured, Slivko wad revive him.

Ower the course o 21 years, Slivko persuadit 43 boys tae tak pairt in this 'experiment'. Ance the boy wis unconscious, Slivko would caress an fondle him, tak films in which he wad arrange the body in suggestive positions, an masturbate. In 36 cases, Slivko revivit the boys an they, cautioned bi Slivko intae silence, resumit their lives unaware just hou lucky they wur.

In seiven cases, housomeivver, Slivko's behaviour became violent. Ance these victims wur unconscious, Slivko dismembered their bodies, poured petrol on their limbs an torso, an set the remains on fire tae remind hissel o the traffic accident which spairkit his arousal. He uisually kept the victim's shoes as a memento. As wi his survivin victims, Slivko baith photographed an filmit the entire process.

Murthers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Slivko killed his first victim, an unidentifee'd hameless boy he estimatit tae be aroond 15 year auld, in 1964. Slivko claimit this pairticular victim wis killed unintentionally. Upon being unable tae revive this boy ance he wis unconscious, Slivko dismembered the boy's body an buriet him. He destroyed the film an photographs he haed taken o this pairticular victim an aw. Nine years later, on 14 November 1973 a 15-year-auld boy namit Aleksander Nesmeyanov disappeared in Nevinnomyssk, soothren RSFSR. Twa years later, on 11 Mey 1975, an 11-year-auld boy namit Andrei Pogasyan vanished. The boy's mither tauld the polis that a man haed made some video recordins in a nearbi forest an that her son wis goin tae pairticipate, but the polis didna dae onythin tae prevent this acause they knew the man an he haed wan awairds for some o his videos. The man's name wis Anatoly Slivko an he haed a club for boys namit Chergid. In winter 1975, a preeson inmate claimit he kent whare Aleksander Nesmeyanov was buried, but the polis searched the aurie an foond naething, pruivin the claim wis fause. Five years later, in 1980, a 13-year-auld boy namit Sergei Fatsiev disappeared; as wi Nesmeyanov an Pogasyan, he wis a memmer o Chergid. On 23 Julie 1985, Slivko killed his feenal victim, a 13-year-auld boy namit Sergei Pavlov. He disappeared efter tellin a neighbour he wis goin tae meet the leader o Chergid.

Arrest an execution[eedit | eedit soorce]

In November 1985, a prosecutor namit Tamara Languyeva, investigatin the disappearance o Sergei Pavlov, teuk an interest in the club's activities; housomeivver, she haed nae evidence that thare wis onything illegal in the wey the club wis run. The prosecutor interrogatit many boys who haed been tae the club an they said they haed suffered “temporary amnesia” an that Slivko haed practicit mony experiments wi them.

Follaein a lang inquiry, Anatoly Slivko wis arrestit in December 1985 an accused o seiven murthers, seiven coonts o sexual abuis an necrophilia. In Januar an Februar 1986, Slivko lead investigators tae the whareaboots o the bodies o sax o his victims, although he wis unable tae locate the body o his first victim. In 1986 he wis sentencit tae daith. He wis held on daith row in Novocherkassk preeson for three years. In 1989 he wirkit wi the polis tae help arrest serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, who haed killed 53 childer an weemen. anerlie a few oors after he wis interviewed bi the polis, Anatoly Slivko wis executit.[1][2]

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