Ammianus Marcellinus

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Ammianus Marcellinus
Greek-speakin East, possibly Antioch
Dee'd391–400 (aged 61–75)
AllegianceWastren Roman Empire
Service/branchRoman airmy
Ither wirkRes Gestae

Ammianus Marcellinus (born c. 325–330, dee'd c. 391–400) wis a Roman sodger an historian wha wrote the penultimate major historical accoont survivin frae Antiquity (precedin Procopius). His wirk, kent as the Res Gestae, chronicled in Laitin the history o Roum frae the accession o the emperor Nerva in 96 tae the daith o Valens at the Battle o Adrianople in 378, awtho anly the sections coverin the period 353–378 survive.[1][2]

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