Amazon rainforest

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Amazon rainforest
Portuguese: Floresta amazônica

Spaingie: Selva amazónica
Amazon Manaus forest.jpg
Amazon rainforest, near Manaus, Brazil
Amazon biome outline map.svg
Map o the Amazon rainforest ecoregions as delineatit bi the WWF in white an the Amazon drainage basin in blue.
LocationBrazil, Peru, Colombie, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivie, Guyana, Suriname, Fraunce (French Guiana)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 3°S 60°W / 3°S 60°W / -3; -60
Aurie5,500,000 km2 (2,100,000 sq mi)

The Amazon rainforest,[lower-alpha 1] an aw kent as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist braidleaf tropical rainforest in the Amazon biome that kivers maist o the Amazon basin o Sooth Americae. This basin encompasses 7,000,000 km2 (2,700,000 sq mi), o that5,500,000 km2 (2,100,000 sq mi) are kivert bi the rainforest. This region includes territory belangin tae nine naitions.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Portuguese: Floresta amazônica or Amazônia; Spaingie: Selva amazónica, Amazonía or usually Amazonia; French: Forêt amazonienne; Dutch: Amazoneregenwoud