Amalthea (muin)

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Amalthea PIA02532.png
Greyscale Galileo images o Amalthea
Discovered biE. E. Barnard
Discovery date9 September 1892
Orbital chairactereestics
Periapsis181150 km[lower-alpha 1]
Apoapsis182840 km[lower-alpha 1]
Mean orbit radius
181365.84±0.02 km (2.54 RJ)[1]
0.49817943±0.00000007 d (11 h, 57 min, 23 s)[1]
26.57 km/s[lower-alpha 1]
Inclination0.374°±0.002° (tae Jupiter's equator)[1]
Satellite oJupiter
Pheesical chairacteristics
Dimensions250 × 146 × 128 km[2]
Mean radius
83.5±2.0 km[2]
Vollum(2.43±0.22)×106 km3[3]
Mass(2.08±0.15)×1018 kg[3]
Mean density
0.857±0.099 g/cm3[3]
≈ 0.020 m/s2 (≈ 0.002 g)[lower-alpha 1]
≈ 0.058 km/s[lower-alpha 1]
Surface temp. min mean max
[5] 120 K 165 K

Amalthea (Greek: Αμάλθεια) is the third muin o Jupiter in order o distance frae the planet.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]


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