Altostratus clood

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Altostratus clood
Altostratus clouds over Hong Kong.JPG
Altostratus translucidus ower Hong Kong, Cheenae in Mey.
Abbreviation As
Seembol CM 1.png
Genus Alto- (Middle)
-stratus (layered)
Variety alto an altostratus cloods alto cirrus
Altitude 2,400–6,100 m
(6,500–20,000 ft)
Appearance Sheet or layer, can uisually see the sun throu it
Precipitation clood? Rain possible in thickened cloods. Clessification is chynged tae nimbostratus if rain acomes persistent.[2]

Altostratus is a middle altitude clood genus alangin tae the stratiform pheesical category characterised bi a generally uniform gray tae bluish-gray sheet or layer.[3]

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