Altamira, Pará

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Banner o Altamira
Offeecial seal o Altamira
Location o Altamira
Location o Altamira
Kintra Brazil
Region Norte
State Pará
 • Mayor Odileida Maria de Sousa Sampaio
 • Total 161,445.9 km2 (62,334.6 sq mi)
Elevation 109 m (358 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 105 030
 • Density 0.47/km2 (1.2/sq mi)

Altamira is a ceety in the state o Pará, in northren Brazil. It is the lairgest municipality in the Americas bi aurie, an ane o the lairgest in the warld. It the hame o the Territorial Prelatur o Xingu.

If Altamira wur a kintra, it wad be the 91st lairgest, bigger than Greece an Nepal an amaist the size o Tunisie an Uruguay.

Altamira is servit bi Altamira Airport.