Altai Moontains

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Coordinates: 49°N 89°E / 49°N 89°E / 49; 89

Altai Moontains
Altai Mountains.jpg
Cairt o the Altai moontain range
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese阿爾泰山脈
Simplified Chinese阿尔泰山脉
Mongolian name
Mongolian CyrillicАлтайн нуруу/Altain nuruu
Russian name
Kazakh name
KazakhАлтай таулары

The Altai Moontains (Altay Mountains) are a moontain range in Central Asie, whaur Roushie, Cheenae, Mongolie, an Kazakhstan come thegither, an are whaur the rivers Irtysh an Ob hae thair heidwatters.