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Imperial Territory o Alsace-Lorraine
Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen
Imperial Territory o the German Empire

Flag Coat o airms
Flag Coat o airms
Elsässisches Fahnenlied
"The Alsatian Banner's sang"
Location o Alsace-Lorraine
Alsace-Lorraine within the German Empire
Caipital Straßburg (Strasbourg)
Govrenment Federal territory
 -  1871–1879 Eduard von Möller (first)
 -  1918 Rudolf Schwander (last)
Legislatur Landtag
 -  Treaty o Frankfurt 10 Mey 1871
 -  Disestablished 1918
 -  Treaty o Versailles 28 Juin 1919
 -  1910 14,496 km2 (5,597 sq mi)
 -  1910 1,874,014 
Density 129.3 /km2  (334.8 /sq mi)
Poleetical subdiveesions Bezirk Lothringen, Oberelsass, Unterelsass
The day pairt o  Fraunce

The Imperial Territory o Alsace-Lorraine (German: Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen or Elsass-Lothringen) wis a territory creatit bi the German Empire in 1871 efter it annexed maist o Alsace an the Moselle depairtment o Lorraine follaein its victory in the Franco-Proushie War.

Coordinates: 48°40′N 7°00′E / 48.67°N 7°E / 48.67; 7