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Teep o steid
Online database for muisic albums, airtists an sangs; includin reviews an biografies
Available in Inglis
Awner All Media Network, LLC (syne August 2013)
Creautit bi Michael Erlewine
Slogan(s) Muisic search, recommendations, videos an reviews
Alexa rank positive decrease 2,349 (November 2013)[1]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 1991
Current status Online

AllMusic (previously kent as All Music Guide or AMG)[2] is a online muisic guide service wabsteid, awned bi All Media Network, LLC. AllMusic wis foondit in 1991 bi popular cultur archivist Michael Erlewine as a guide for consumers. Its first reference beuk wis published the following year. When first released onto the Internet, AMG predatit the World Wide Web and was first available as a Gopher steid. In late 2007, Macrovision (nou Rovi Corporation) acquired AMG for a reportit $72 million.[3] The AMG consumer wab properties, an wur sauld bi Rovi in Julie 2013 tae All Media Network, LLC.[4]

All Media Network, LLC offices are locatit in San Francisco, Californie, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, Unitit States.

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