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Teep o steid
Online database for muisic albums, airtists an sangs; includin reviews an biografies
Available inInglis
AwnerAll Media Network, LLC (syne August 2013)
Creautit biMichael Erlewine
Slogan(s) Muisic search, recommendations, videos an reviews
Alexa rankpositive decrease 2,349 (November 2013)[1]
Current statusOnline

AllMusic (previously kent as All Music Guide or AMG)[2] is a online muisic guide service wabsteid, awned bi All Media Network, LLC. AllMusic wis foondit in 1991 bi popular cultur archivist Michael Erlewine as a guide for consumers. Its first reference beuk wis published the following year. When first released onto the Internet, AMG predatit the World Wide Web and was first available as a Gopher steid. In late 2007, Macrovision (nou Rovi Corporation) acquired AMG for a reportit $72 million.[3] The AMG consumer wab properties, an wur sauld bi Rovi in Julie 2013 tae All Media Network, LLC.[4]

All Media Network, LLC offices are locatit in San Francisco, Californie, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, Unitit States.

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