Alfred Russel Wallace

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Alfred Russel Wallace
Born8 Januar 1823(1823-01-08)
Llanbadoc, Monmouthshire, Wales
Died7 November 1913(1913-11-07) (aged 90)
Broadstone, Dorset, Ingland
Kent forCo-discovery o naitural selection
Pioneerin wirk on biogeografie
Wallace Line
Wallace effect
AwairdsRyal Medal (1868)
Gowd Medal o the Société de Géographie (1870)
Darwin Medal (1890)
Founder's Medal (1892)
Linnean Medal (1892)
Copley Medal (1908)
Darwin-Wallace Medal (Gowd, 1908)
Order o Meerit (1908)
Scientific career
FieldsExploration, evolutionary biology, zoology, biogeography, an social reform
Author abbrev. (botany)Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace OM FRS (8 Januar 1823 – 7 November 1913) wis a Breetish naituralist, explorer, geografer, anthropologist, an biologist.