Alfred Rosenberg

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Alfred Rosenberg
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2005-0168, Alfred Rosenberg.jpg
Alfred Rosenberg in Januar 1941, photograph bi Heinrich Hoffmann
Leader o the Foreign Policy Office o the NSDAP
In office
Precedit bi Poseetion established
Succeedit bi None
Commissar for Superveesion o Intellectual an Ideological Eddication o the NSDAP (aka Rosenberg office)
In office
Precedit bi Poseetion established
Succeedit bi None
Reich Meenister for the Occupied Eastern Territories
In office
Preses Adolf Hitler (Führer)
Chancellor Adolf Hitler (Führer)
Precedit bi Poseetion established
Succeedit bi None
In office
2 Juin 1933 – 8 Mey 1945
Leader Adolf Hitler
Personal details
Born Alfred Ernst Rosenberg
12 Januar 1893(1893-01-12)
Reval, Govrenorate o Estonie, Roushie Empire
Dee'd 16 October 1946(1946-10-16) (aged 53)
Nuremberg, Germany
(Executit bi hangin)
Naitionality German
Poleetical pairty Naitional Socialist German Wirkers' Pairty (NSDAP)
Spoose(s) Hilda Leesmann
(1915–1923; divorce)
Hedwig Kramer
Bairns 2
Alma mater Riga Polytechnical Institute
Moscow Heichest Technical Schuil
Profession Airchitect, politeecian, writer
Cabinet Hitler

Alfred Ernst Rosenberg (Aboot this soondlisten ) (12 Januar 1893 – 16 October 1946) wis an early an intellectually influential member o the Nazi Pairty. Rosenberg wis first introduced tae Adolf Hitler bi Dietrich Eckart; he later held several important posts in the Nazi govrenment. He is considered ane o the main authors o key Nazi ideological creeds, includin its racial theory, persecution o the Jews, Lebensraum, abrogation o the Treaty o Versailles, an opposeetion tae "degenerate" modren art. He is an aa kent for his rejection o Christianity,[1] havin played an important role in the development o Positive Christianity, which he intendit tae be transeetional tae a new Nazi faith.[2] At Nuremberg he wis tried, sentenced tae daith an executit bi hangin as a war criminal an for crimes against humanity.

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