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Alfred Edmund Brehm
Alfred Edmund Brehm from Familj-Journalen1885.png
Alfred Edmund Brehm
Born Alfred Edmund Brehm
2 Februar 1829(1829-02-02)
Died 11 November 1884(1884-11-11) (aged 55)
Naitionality German
Thrift Zoologist, illustrator
Notable wirk(s) Brehm's Life of Animals

Alfred Edmund Brehm (German pronunciation: [ˈalfʁeːt ˈɛtmʊnt bʁeːm]) (born 2 Februar 1829 in Unterrenthendorf, nou called Renthendorf; died 11 November 1884 in Renthendorf) wis a German zoologist, nautural history illustrator an writer, the son o Christian Ludwig Brehm.