Alfonso X o Castile

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Alfonso X
Alfonso X el Sabio en El libro de los juegos.jpg
Portrait o Alfonso X (1283)
Keeng o Castile and León
Ring 1 Juin 1252 – 4 Apryle 1284
Predecessor Ferdinand III
Successor Sancho IV
Born 23 November 1221(1221-11-23)
Dee'd 4 Apryle 1284(1284-04-04) (aged 62)
Buirial Cathedral o Seville
Spouse Violant o Aragon
Issue Beatrice, Marchioness o Montferrat
Ferdinand de la Cerda
Sancho IV, Keeng o Castile
Hoose Ivrea
Faither Ferdinand III o Castile
Mither Elisabeth o Hohenstaufen
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Alfonso X (an aa occasionally Alphonso, Alphonse, or Alfons, 23 November 1221 – 4 April 1284), cried the Wice (Spaingie: el Sabio), wis the Keeng o Castile, León an Galicie frae 30 Mey 1252 till his daith in 1284.