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Alfa Romeo 20/30 HP

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Alfa Romeo Torpedo 20/30 HP is the first Alfa Romeo named caur efter A.L.F.A. brand. 20/30 HP haed 4250 cc sidevalve straucht-4 ingine an it producit 67 bhp. The caur wis meant tae be upper cless an the price wis hicht, aroond three times mair nor the Ford Model T, whilk wis a remarkable amoont immediately efter Warld War I. Price wis ane o the reasons that anerlie 124 caurs wur produced.

  • Ingine: 4 cylinders inline
  • Displacement: 4250 cc
  • Pouer: 67 bhp @ 2600 rpm
  • Tap speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)

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