Alfa Romeo 164

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Alfa Romeo 164
White Alfa Romeo 164.jpg
ManufacturerAlfa Romeo
Cried an awAlfa Romeo 168
AssemblyArese, Milan, Italy
DesignerEnrico Fumia (Pininfarina)[1]
Bouk an chassis
ClessMid-size luxury / Executive caur (E)
Body style4-door saloon
LayootFront-ingine, front-wheel-drive / fower-wheel-drive
PlatformType Four platform[2]
RelatitLancia Thema
Saab 9000
Transmission5-speed manual
6-speed Getrag manual
4-speed ZF 4HP18Q automatic
4-speed ZF 4HP18QE automatic
Wheelbase2,660 mm (104.7 in)
Lenth4,554 mm (179.3 in) (1988–90)
4,557 mm (179.4 in) (1991–92)
4,560 mm (179.5 in) (1993–94)
4,665 mm (183.7 in) (Super)
Weenth1,760 mm (69.3 in)
Hicht1,390 mm (54.7 in) (1988–90)
1,393 mm (54.8 in) (1991–92)
1,390 mm (54.7 in) (1993–95)
Crib wecht1,200–1,510 kg (2,650–3,330 lb)
PredecessorAlfa Romeo 90
Alfa Romeo Alfa 6
SuccessorAlfa Romeo 166

The Alfa Romeo 164 is an executive caur wi saloon bouk, producit bi the Italian automakker Alfa Romeo frae 1988 tae 1997.

The 164 wis re-badged as the 168 for the Hong Kong an Malaysie mercats, as the nummer "164" haed a vera negative connotation (In Cheenese it is a homophone tae "一路死" — aw the wey tae daith), an "168" haes quite the opposite ("一路發" — aw the wey tae prosperity).

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