Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd

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The Laird Todd
Alexander Todd Nobel.jpg
Born 2 October 1907(1907-10-02)
Cathcart, Glesga
Died 10 Januar 1997(1997-01-10) (aged 89)
Oakington, Cambridgeshire
Naitionality Breetish
Alma mater Varsity o Glesga
Varsity o Frankfurt am Main
Varsity o Oxford
Awairds Davy Medal (1949)
Ryal Medal (1955)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1957)
Paul Karrer Gold Medal (1963)
Copley Medal (1970)
Lomonosov Gowd Medal (1978)
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry, Biochemistry
Institutions Lister Institute
Varsity o Edinburgh
Varsity o Lunnon
Varsity o Manchester
Varsity o Cambridge
Christ's College, Cambridge
Varsity o Strathclyde
Hatfield Polytechnic
Doctoral advisor Walter Borsche, Sir Robert Robinson

Alexander Robertus Todd, Baron Todd, OM, PRS[1] FRSE (2 October 1907 – 10 Januar 1997) wis a Breetish biochemist whose research on the structur an seenthesis o nucleotides, nucleosides, an nucleotide coenzymes gained him the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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