Alexander Pailace

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Photograph o the pailace today.

The Alexander Pailace (Roushie: Александровский дворец) is a former imperial residence near the toun o Tsarskoye Selo, on a plateau about 30 mile (48 km) south (around 30 minutes bi train) frae the imperial capital o Saunt Petersburg. It is known as the favourite residence o the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.The Neoclassical edifice wis planned bi Giacomo Quarenghi an built atween 1792 an 1796. It is near tae the larger Catherine Pailace. The pailace wis the inspiration for the 1908 Fabergé egg gien bi Nicholas II tae his swife Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. The pailace wis a gift frae Catherine the Great tae her favourite grandson Grand Duke Alexander o Roushie (future Emperor Alexander I) in honour o his 1793 mairiage tae Princess Luise o Baden

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