Alexander Kerensky

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Alexander Kerensky
Alexander Kerensky LOC 24416.jpg
2nt Meenister-Chairman o the Roushie Proveesional Govrenment
In office
21 Julie 1917 – 7 November 1917
[8 Julie – 26 October 1917 Auld Style]
Precedit biGeorgy Lvov
Succeedit biOffice abolished
(Vladimir Lenin as Chairman o the Cooncil o Fowk's Commissars)
Personal details
BornAlexander Fyodorovich Kerensky
2 Mey 1881
Simbirsk, Roushie
Dee'd11 Juin 1970 (aged 89)
New York Ceety
Restin placePutney Vale Seemetry, Lunnon
Poleetical pairtySocialist Revolutionary (Trudovik Pairlamentary breakaway group)
ProfessionLawyer, politeecian

Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky (Roushie: Алекса́ндр Фёдорович Ке́ренский, IPA: [ɐlʲɪˈksandr ˈkʲerʲɪnskʲɪj]; 2 Mey 1881 – 11 Juin 1970) wis a Roushie lawyer an politeecian, who served as the seicont Meenister-Chairman o the Roushie Proveesional Govrenment in Julie–November 1917.