Alexander Gordon, 1st Yerl o Huntly

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The Yerl o Huntly
Marquess of Huntly arms.svg
Coat o airms o the Yerls o Huntly
Personal details
Dee'd15 July 1470 (1470-07-16)
Spoose(s)Egidia Hay
Elizabeth Circhton
MitherElizabeth Gordon
FaitherAlexander Seton, Laird Gordon

Alexander Seton, 1st Yerl o Huntly (dee'd 15 Julie 1470), that adoptit the faimily name o Gordon frae aboot 1457, wis a pouerfu 15t-century Scots magnate. He wis knichtit in 1439/1440 an wis Laird o Badenoch, Gordon, Strathbogie an Cluny.