Alexander Fraser, 16t Laird Saltoun

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Alexander Fraser
Alexander Fraser, 16th Baron Saltoun by William Salter.jpg
Portrait bi William Salter, c. 1837
Born22 Apryle 1785
Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd18 August 1853
Rothes, Scotland
Buried atFraserburgh, Scotland
AllegianceUnitit Kinrick
Service/branchBreetish Airmy
Battles/warsNapoleonic Wars,
First Opium War

Lieutenant-General Alexander George Fraser, 16t Laird Saltoun KT KCB GCH[1]KStG KMT[2] (22 Apryle 1785 – 18 August 1853), wis a Scots representative peer an a Breetish Airmy general that focht in the Napoleonic Wars an the First Opium War.

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Militar offices
Precedit bi
Sir William Henry Clinton
Colonel o the 55t (Westmorland) Regiment o Fit
Succeedit bi
John Wardlaw
Precedit bi
Sir James Kempt
Colonel o the 2nt (The Queen's Ryal) Regiment o Fit
Succeedit bi
Sir John Rolt
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Alexander Fraser
Laird Saltoun
Succeedit bi
Alexander Fraser