Alessandro de' Medici, Duke o Florence

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Alessandro de' Medici
Jacopo Pontormo 056.jpg
Portrait bi Jacopo Pontormo.
Duke o Florence
Ring1 Mey 1532 – 6 Januar 1537
PredecessorIppolito de' Medici
SuccessorGrand Duke Cosimo I
Born22 Julie 1510
Florence, Florence
Dee'd6 January 1537 (aged 26)
Florence, Florence
SpouseMargaret o Austrick
IssueGiulio de' Medici (illegitimate)
Giulia de' Medici (illegitimate)
Porzia de' Medici (illegitimate)
Full name
Alessandro de' Medici
FaitherLorenzo de' Medici, or Pape Clement VII
MitherSimonetta da Collevecchio
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(22 Julie 1510 – 6 Januar 1537) called wis Duke o Penne an also Duke o Florence (frae 1532), wis ruler o Florence frae 1531 tae his daith in 1537. He wis The first Medici tea rule Florence as a hereditary monarch, Alessandro was also the last Medici from the senior line of the family to lead the city. His assassination bi a distant cousin, caused the Duchy o Florence tae pass tae Cosimo de Medici (later Grand Duke o Tuscany) frae another branch o the Hoose o Medici. He haed illigietimate childer with his mistress Taddea Malaspina.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Margarethe o Austrick on 18 Januar 1536. She wis an illegitimate dochter o Haly Roman Emperor Charles V an Johanna Maria van der Gheynst. They haed nae childer.

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