Albrecht Kossel

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Albrecht Kossel
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Albrecht Kossel
Born 16 September 1853 (1853-09-16)
Rostock, Germany
Died 5 July 1927 (1927-07-06) (aged 73)
Heidelberg, Germany
Naitionality German
Alma mater Varsity o Strassburg
Varsity o Rostock
Kent for Nucleic acids
Awairds 1910 Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicin
Scientific career
Doctoral students Edwin B. Hart

Ludwig Karl Martin Leonhard Albrecht Kossel (16 September 1853 – 5 Julie 1927) wis a German biochemist an pioneer in the study o genetics. He wis awairdit the Nobel Prize for Pheesiology or Medicin in 1910 for his wirk in determinin the chemical composeetion o nucleic acids, the genetic substance o biological cells.