Albert Anton, Prince o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

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Albert Anton
Prince o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Born14 November 1641(1641-11-14)
Dee'd15 December 1710(1710-12-15) (aged 69)
Noble faimilyHoose o Schwarzburg
Spoose(s)Coontess Aemilie Juliane  o Barby-Mühlingen
FaitherLouis Günther I, Coont o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
MitherEmilie o Oldenburg-Delmenhorst

Albert Anton, Prince o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (14 November 1641 – 15 December 1710) wis the rulin Coont o Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt frae 1662 tae 1710. He wis raised tae Imperial Prince in 1697, hounaiver, he'd chysen no tae accept his elevation. In 1710, he wis elevatit again, an this time acceptit.[citation needit]