Albert, 12t Prince o Thurn an Taxis

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(12t) Prince o Thurn an Taxis
Albert TT 2011.jpg
Prince Albert in 2011
Heid o the Hoose o Thurn an Taxis
Period14 December 1990 – present
Heir presumptivePrince Max Emanuel
Born (1983-06-24) 24 Juin 1983 (age 38)
Regensburg, Bavarie, Germany
Full name
Albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel Prinz von Thurn und Taxis
HooseThurn an Taxis
FaitherJohannes, 11t Prince o Thurn an Taxis
MitherCoontess Gloria o Schönburg-Glauchau
ReleegionRoman Catholic

Albert, 12t Prince o Thurn an Taxis (Albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel Fürst von Thurn und Taxis;[1] born 24 June 1983), is a German aristocrat, businessman, an race caur driver.[2][3]:540[4] He haes bin listit as the warld's youngest billionaire mony times syne his faither's daith in 1990,[5] first appearin on the leet whan he wis aicht.[2] He haes twa aulder sisters: Princess Maria Theresia an Princess Elisabeth.[5]

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 28 Juin 1983 - 14 December 1990 His Serene Highness Prince Albert o Thurn an Taxis.
  • 14 December 1990 - praisent His Serene Highness the Prince o Thurn an Taxis.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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