Alaric I

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Keeng o the Visigoths
Alaric entering Athens.jpg
Illustration frae the 1920s depictin Alaric paradin throu Athens efter conquerin the ceety in 395
Ring 395–410
Coronation 395
Predecessor Athanaric
Successor Ataulf
Born 370 (or 375)
Peuce Island, Dobruja
Dee'd 410
Cosenza, Calabrie
Buirial Busento River, Calabrie
Hoose Balti dynasty
Faither Unknown[1]
Releegion Arianism

Alaric I (Gothic: *Alareiks - "supreme chief"; b. 370 (or 375) – d. 410) wis the first Keeng o the Visigoths frae 395–410, son (or paternal grandson) o chieftain Rothestes.[2]

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