Alan Brooke, 3rd Viscoont Alanbrooke

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Caiptain Alan Victor Harold Brooke, 3rd Viscount Alanbrooke, RA (born 24 November 1932; deed 10 Januar 2018) succeedit tae the viscoontcy in 1972 on the daith o his hauf-brither.

Educatit at Harrow & Bristol University [BEd Hons 1976] - qualified teacher. Served Breetish Airmy 1952-1972 Captain RA (Ret'd).

In his recreations in Debrett's he leets "enjoyin post-Lloyd's poverty, rearrangin the wreckage for remainin family."

He lived in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire whaur his faither the 1st Viscoont Alanbrooke is buried. There are nae heirs tae the title, in which case it deed wi him.

Peerage o the Unitit Kinrick
Precedit bi
Thomas Brooke, 2nt Viscoont Alanbrooke
Viscoont Alanbrooke
Succeedit bi

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