Al Bayda, Libie

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Al Bayda (Arabic: البيضاءAl Baiḍāʾ Aboot this soond Ar-Al Bayda.ogg ), an aa spelt Al-Baidhah, El-Beda an Beida an kent as Beda Littoria unner Italian occupation, is a commercial an industrial ceety in Libie.[1][2]

Al Bayda's history stretches back tae Auncient Greece, when it wis kent as Balagrae. Ane o the greatest attractions in the ceety the day is the tomb o a famous companion o the Prophet Muhammad, Ruwaifi bin Thabit al-Ansari. For that reason, the ceety wis kent as Sidi Rafaa efter him. Efter the arrival o Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali as-Senussi in the aurie in the 19t century, an the construction o a zawiya, the ceety wis renamed Az Zawiya Al Bayda.

The modren ceety wis built in the 1950s. It wis oreeginally intendit tae be the new capital o Libie, an maist o the necessary govrenment biggins wut constructit there. Eventually, the plan tae move the caipital frae Tripoli tae Al Bayda wis dropped.[3] Al Bayda is the admeenistrative seat for Al Jabal al Akhdar Destrict the day.

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