Al Abdali

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Coordinates: 31°57′52″N 35°54′23″E / 31.96444°N 35.90639°E / 31.96444; 35.90639

Al Abdali

Destrict o Amman
Banner o Al Abdali
The location o Municipality Al Abdali in Amman.
The location o Municipality Al Abdali in Amman.
 • Tot120,000
Time zoneUTC+3 (Eastren European Time)

Al Abdali (Arabic:العبدلي) is ane o the five destricts o the Greater Amman Municipality.[1] It covers an aurie o 15 square kilometres (6 sq mi) in the hert o Amman. A population o 120,000[2] includes the neebourheids o Shmeisani, Sports Ceety destrict, Jabal al Hussein, an Jabal Luweibdeh. The auld historic auries o Jabal Al Hussein an Luweibdeh hae some o the ceety's maist important govrenment an militar locations an aw. Important places in ither pairts o Al Abdali include Royal Cultural Center, Al Hussein Sports Ceety, the Pairlament biggin, Palace o Juistice, Association o Tred Unions, Keeng Abdullah I Mosque, an numerous embassies.[2] The destrict is named efter Keeng Abdullah I, who foondit it durin the 1950s.[2]

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