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Akash SAM.jpg
Akash missile being test fired from Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Odisha
Teep Mobile Surface-tae-air missile seestem
Place o oreegin Indie
Service history
In service 2009-present
Uised bi Indie Airmy
Indie Air Force
Production history
Designer DRDO
Manufacturer Ordnance Factories Board
Bharat Dynamics
Bharat Electronics
Produced 2009-present
No. biggit 3000 missiles[1]
Wecht 720 kg (1,590 lb)
Lenth 578 cm (228 in)
Diameter 35 cm (14 in)

Warheid High-explosive, pre-fragmented warhead
Warheid wecht 60 kg (130 lb)
RF proximity fuse

Propellant integral rocket motor/ramjet booster and sustainer motor
30 km (19 mi)[2]
Flicht ceilin 18 km (59,000 ft)
Speed Mach 2.5[2]
Command guidance

Akash (Sanskrit: Ākāśa "Sky") is a medium-range mobile surface-tae-air missile defense system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and produced by Bharat Dynamics Limitit (BDL) for Missile Seestems and Bharat Electronics (BEL) for other radars, control centers in India.[3][4][5] The missile system can target aircraft up to 30 km away, at altitudes up to 18,000 m.[6] It has the capability to "neutralise aerial targets like fighter jets, cruise missiles and air-to-surface missiles" as well as ballistic missiles.[7][8][9][10] It is in operational service with the Indie Airmy and the Indie Air Force.

An Akash battery comprises a single Rajendra 3D passive electronically scanned array radar and four launchers with three missiles each, all of which are interlinked. Each battery can track up to 64 targets and attack up tae 12 of them. The missile haes a 60 kg (130 lb) heich-explosive, pre-fragmented warheid with a proximity fuse. The Akash seestem is fully mobile and capable of protecting a muiving convoy of vehicles. The launch platform has been integrated with both wheeled and tracked vehicles. While the Akash seestem haes primarily been designed as an air defence SAM, it awso haes been tested in a missile defense role. The seestem provides air defence missile coverage for an area of 2,000 km². The Indian meelitary's combined orders of the Akash, including radar systems (WLR and Surveillance), have a total worth of ₹ 23,300 crore (US$4 billion).[11][12][13]

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