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Sample infrastructur o a teepical airport. Lairger airports uisually conteen mair runways an terminals.

An airport is an aerodrome wi extendit facilities, maistly for commercial air transport.[1][2] Airports eften hae facilities tae store an mainteen aircraft, an a control touer. An airport consists o a laundin aurie, that comprises an aerially accessible appen space includin at least ane operationally active surface sic as a runwey for a plane tae tak aff[3] or a helipad,[4] an eften includes adjacent utility biggins sic as control touers, hangars[5] an terminals. Lairger airports mey hae fixed-base operator services, airport aprons, taxiwey brigs, air traffeck control centres, passenger facilities sic as restaurants an loonges, an emergency services.

An airport wi a helipad for rotorcraft but na runwey is cried a heliport. An airport for uise bi seaplanes an amphibious aircraft is cried a seaplane base. Sic a base teepically includes a stretch o appen watter for takaffs an laundins, an seaplane docks for tyin-up.

An internaitional airport haes addeetional facilities for customs an passport control as weel as incorporatin aw o the aforementioned elements abuin. Sic airports rank amang the maist complex an lairgest o aw biggit teepologies wi 15 o the tap 50 biggins bi fluir aurie bein airport terminals.

In warfare, airports can acome the focus o intense fechtin, for ensaumple the Battle o Tripoli Airport or the Battle for Donetsk Airport, baith takkin place in 2014. An aerodrome primarily for militar uise is cried an airbase (or "Air Base") or air station.

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