Airmy o the Czech Republic

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Airmy o the Czech Republic
Armáda České republiky
Logo of the Czech Armed Forces.svg Roundel of the Czech Republic.svg
The coat o airms an roondel
Current furm1 Januar 1993
Service branchesCzech Laund Forces
Czech Air Force
HeidquartersPrague, Czech Republic
Preses o the Republic Miloš Zeman
Prime Mernister Andrej Babiš
Meenister o Defence Lubomír Metnar
Chief o the General Staff Aleš Opata
Militar age18 years
ConscriptionAbolished in 2004
Available for
militar service
2,414,728, age 15–49 (2005 est.)
Fit for
militar service
1,996,631, age 15–49 (2005 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
66,583 (men) (2005 est.)
Active personnel25,105 soldiers and 7,979 civilians[1]
Reserve personnel3,300[2]
BudgetCZK 66.777 billion / $ 2.969 billion (2019)[3]
Percent o GDP1.19% (2019)[3]
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers
Relatit airticles
RanksCzech militar ranks

The Airmy o the Czech Republic (Czech: Armáda České republiky, AČR), also known as the Czech Airmy or Czech Airmed Forces, is the militar service responsible for the defence o the Czech Republic in compliance wi internaitional obligations an treaties on collective defence. It is an aa set tae support peacekeeping, rescue an humanitarian operations baith athin the naitional territory an abroad.[13] Airmed Forces conseest o the General Staff, the Laund Forces, the Air Force an support units.[14]

Frae the late 1940s tae 1989, the extensive Czechoslovak Fowk's Airmy (about 200,000) formed ane o the pillars o the Warsaw Pact militar alliance. Efter the dissolution o Czechoslovakie, the Czech Republic is completin a major reorganisation an reduction o the airmed forces, which intensifee'd efter the Czech Republic jyned NATO on 12 Mairch 1999.[15]

As defined bi the Czech Law No. 219/1999 Coll., the Airmed Forces o the Czech Republic (Czech: ozbrojené síly České republiky) are the militar forces o the Czech Republic. Thay conseest o the Army o the Czech Republic, the Militar Office o President o the Republic an the Castle Gaird.[13]

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