Airmed forces

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The airmed forces o a kintra are its govrenment-sponsored defence, fichtin forces an organisations. Thay exist tae further the foreign an domestic policies o thair govrenin body an tae defend that body an the naition it represents frae freemit an internal aggressors. In broad uisage, the terms "airmed forces" an "militar" are eften treatit synonymously, altho in technical uisage a distinction is whiles made in which a kintra's airmed forces mey include baith its militar an ither paramilitar forces. Airmed force is the uise o airmed forces tae achieve poleetical objectives.

The study o the uise o airmed forces is cried militar science. Broadly speakin, this involves considerin offence an defence at three "levels": strategy, operational airt, an tactics. Aw three levels study the application o the uise o force in order tae achieve a desired objective.