Airmed Forces o the Republic o Moldovae

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Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova
Romanie: Forțele Armate ale Republicii Moldova
Serbie: Форцеле Армате але Републичи Молдова
Emblem of Armed Forces of Moldova.jpg
Emblem o Airmed Forces
Flag of the Moldovan Army.gif
Staundart o the Airmed Forces
MottoPentru Patria Noastra (For our Motherland)
Service branches Moldovan Grund Forces
Moldovan Air Force
Supreme Commander Igor Dodon
Meenister o Defence Victor Gaiciuc
Chief o the General Staff Brigader General Igor Gorgan[1]
Militar age18
Available for
militar service
1,066,459, age 18–49 (2005 est.)
Fit for
militar service
693,913, age 18–49 (2005 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
43,729 (2005 est.)
Active personnel5,000-7,500 (2018)
Reserve personnel65,000-70,000 (2018)
Budget$28.4 million (2017)
Percent o GDP1.4%
Foreign suppliers Azerbaijan
 Unitit Kinrick
 Unitit States
Relatit airticles
RanksRanks o the Airmed Forces o Moldovae

The Airmed Forces o the Republic o Moldovae (Romanie: Forțele Armate ale Republicii Moldova), an aw kent as the Moldovan Naitional Airmy conseest o the Grund Forces an Air an Air Defence Force.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Moldovan soldiers from the 2nd brigade in June 2004.
A Moldovan MiG-29UB trainer in 1997.
A Moldovan MiG-29UB trainer on an American C-17 Globemaster III in 1997.

On 2 November 1990, prior tae the formation o the state o Moldovae, the Supreme Soviet o the Moldovan SSR ordered creaution of the Republican Guard (Moldovan: Garda Republicană) as a militarised govrenment agency. This force subsequently became the Moldovan militar upon unthirldom.[2][3][4]

Moldovae haes acceptit aw relevant airms control obligations o the umwhile Soviet Union. On October 30, 1992, Moldovae ratifeed the Treaty on Conventional Airmed Forces in Europe, which establishes comprehensive leemits on key categories o conventional militar equipment an provides for the destruction o wappens in excess o those leemits. It accedit tae the proveesions o the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in October 1994 in Washington, DC. It disna hae nuclear, biological, or chemical wappens.

Moldovae jyned the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Pairtnership for Peace on Mairch 16, 1994.

A transeetion tae a professional force o 12,000 tae 15,000 volunteers wis planned at first, but when fechtin eruptit in 1991 atween supporters o the central govrenment in Chișinău an supporters o separatist regions, males atween aichteen an fowerty years o age wur mobilised, an the size o Moldova's militar wis temporarily expandit tae meet the demands o the Transnistrie conflict.[5] In early 1995, the airmed forces totaled some 11,000 volunteers, an thare wur plans tae gradually creaut a professional airmy, similar tae that o the Unitit States.

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