Airmed Forces o the Philippines

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Airmed Forces of the Philippines
Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas
Flag of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.svg
Flag of the Airmed Forces of the Philippines
Seal of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.svg
Emblem of the Airmed Forces of the Philippines
FoonditDecember 21, 1935; 84 years ago (1935-12-21)
Service branchesTemplate:Airmy
 Philippine Air Force
Philippine Navy
  Philippine Marine Corps
HeidquartersCamp Aguinaldo, Quezon Ceety
Commander-in-Chief President Rodrigo Duterte
Secretary of Naitional Defense Delfin Lorenzana
Chief of StaffGen. Carlito Galvez Jr., AFP
Militar age18–56 years old
ConscriptionNone enforced, optional through ROTC
Available for
militar service
25,614,135 (2010 est.) [1] males, age 15–49,
25,035,061 (2010 est.) [1] females, age 15–49
Fit for
militar service
20,142,940 (2010 est.) [2] males, age 15–49,
2,427,792 (2010 est.) [2] females, age 15–49
Active personnel172,500 (2017)[3]
Reserve personnel385,116 (2017) [4]
Budget$3 billion/₱140 billion (2018)
Percent o GDP0.75%
Domestic suppliersGovernment Arsenal
Steelcraft Industrial and Development Corp.
Floro International Corporation
United Defense Manufacturing Corporation
Joavi Philippines Corp.
Foreign suppliers Unitit States
 Unitit Kinrick
 New Zealand
 Sooth Korea
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The Airmed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) (Filipino: Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas, Spaingie: Fuerzas Armadas de Filipinas) are the meelitary forces of the Philippines. It consists of the Airmy, Navy (including the Marine Corps) and the Air Force. The President of the Philippines is the Commander-in-Chief of AFP and forms meelitary policy with the Depairtment of National Defense, an executive department acting as the principal organs by which military policy is carried out. A previous attached brainch is the defunct Philippine Constabulary, while the Philippine Coast Gaird is a war time attached service. Meelitary service is entirely voluntary.[5]

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