Airmed Forces o the Netherlands

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Airmed forces o the Netherlands
Nederlandse krijgsmacht
Logo ministerie van defensie.svg
Foondit1572; 448 years ago (1572)
Service branchesTemplate:Kintra data The Netherlands
Template:Kintra data The Netherlands
Template:Kintra data The Netherlands
Embleem Koninklijke Marechaussee.svg Royal Netherlands Marechaussee
Commander-in-ChiefThe Government
Meenister o DefenceAnk Bijleveld
Chief o DefenceRob Bauer
Militar age17[1]
Available for
militar service
7,728,129, age 20
Fit for
militar service
6,324,217, age 20
Reachin militar
age annually
Active personnel56,048 [2]
Reserve personnel5,046 [2]
Deployed personnel921 [2]
Budget€10.860 billion ($12.419 billion) (2019)[3]
Percent o GDP1.35% (2019)[3]
Relatit airticles
RanksMilitar ranks o the Netherlands

The Airmed forces o the Netherlands conseest o the Airmy, Navy, and Air Force.

The service branches conseest o:

In addeetion, athin the Kinrick o the Netherlands, thare are smaw local conscript forces on the islands o Aruba (Arumil) an Curaçao (Antmil). These operate unner the auspices o the Ryal Netherlands Navy an Marines.

The militar ranks o the Dutch airmed forces hae similarities wi Breetish an U.S. militar ranks. The heichest-rankin officer in the Dutch militar is the Chief o Defence (Netherlands), who is a fower-starn officer (NATO OF-9).

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