Airmed Forces o Ukraine

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Airmed Forces o Ukraine
Збройні сили України
Emblem of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.svg
Emblem o the Airmed Forces
Ensign of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.svg
Banner o the Airmed Forces
Current furmReconstitutit 6 Dec 1991[1]
Service branchesEmblem of Ukrainian Ground Forces Grund Forces
Emblem of Ukrainian Air Force Air Force
Emblem of Ukrainian Navy Navy
Emblem of Ukrainian Airmobile Forces Air Assault Forces
Emblem of Special Operations Special Operations Forces[2]
HeidquartersMeenistry o Defence Biggin, Povitroflotskyi Square, Kiev
Supreme Commander-in-ChiefVolodymyr Zelensky
Meenister o DefenceAndriy Zagorodniuk
Chief o the General StaffRuslan Khomchak
Militar age18[3]
Conscription12 months (GF, AF)
18 months (Navy)
Available for
militar service
11,149,646, age 16–49 (2015[7])
Fit for
militar service
6,970,035, age 16–49 (2015[7])
Reachin militar
age annually
482,000 (2018) (2015[7])
Active personnel255,000 (2018)[4] (ranked 29)
Reserve personnel1,000,000 (2018)[5]
Deployed personnel60,000[6]
Budget245.8 billion hryvnias (2020)[8]
Percent o GDP5.4% (2020)[8]
Domestic suppliersUkroboronprom (Ukrainian Defence Industry)
Foreign suppliers Unitit States[9]
 Unitit Kinrick[9]
 European Union[9]
 Czech Republic
Template:Kintra data PPR
Template:Kintra data PRB
Relatit airticles
HistoryUkrainian–Soviet War
Pols–Ukrainian War
1992–94 Crimean creesis
Kosovo Force
Tuzla Island conflict
Iraq War
Operation Ocean Shield
Operation Atalanta
Pro-Roushie unrest in Ukraine
Annexation o Crimea
War in Donbass
RanksMilitar ranks o Ukraine

The Airmed Forces o Ukraine (Ukrainian: Збройні сили України (ЗСУ) Zbroyni Syly Ukrayiny, (ZSU)) is the militar of Ukraine. That are the principal deterrent force against ony aggression that caud be shown against the sovereign state of Ukraine. Aw militar and security forces, including the Airmed Forces, are unner the command o the Preses o Ukraine, and subject tae oversight by a permanent Verkhovna Rada pairlamentar commission.

The Airmed Forces of Ukraine are composed of the Ukrainian Grund Forces, the Ukrainian Navy, the Ukrainian Air Force, and the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces. Ukraine's naval forces maintain thair awn smaw Ukrainian Naval Infantry force aes well aes thair ain Ukrainian Naval Aviation force. The Ukrainian Sea Gaird is the coast gaird service of Ukraine, houaniver, it is pairt of the State Border Gaird Service o Ukraine an is nae subordinate tae the Navy. Aes a result of the Roushie militar intervention in Ukraine frae 2014, the preses commissioned govrenors o oblasts o Ukraine tae creaut volunteer units unner the govrenment programme "Territorial Defence". Initially these units receivit minimal funding coming frae regional budgets an maistly relied on donations. In November 2014 maist o the territorial battalions wur integratit intae Ukraine's Grund forces.

The Naitional Gaird o Ukraine serves as the main reserve component of Airmed Forces o Ukraine.

Due tae the ongaeing hostileeti4d wi Roushie, Ukraine haes greatly increased the size of its military forces tae 204,000 sodgers (+46,000 ceevil servants) in 2014, nae coontin paramilitary forces sic as the border gairds (53,000), the newly formed Naitional Gaird o Ukraine (60,000) or the security service.[10] Ukraine's airmed forces came close tae France, which maintained a 229,000 man force, as the lairgest in Europe when excluding Roushie.[11] It wis reportit that Ukraine's militar swelled tae 280,000 personnel. This wis lairgely achievit by the repeatit waves of mobilisation bringing in new recruits while aulder sodgers haed nae yet been processit oot, the state budget for 2015 ultimately called for a force o 230,000. Hryhoriy Pedchenko reportit that 51% of Ukraine's enlistit personnel wur contractit sodgers.[12][13]

Militar units o ither states pairticipate in multinaitional military exercises with Ukrainian forces in Ukraine regularly.[14] Mony o these exercises are held unner the NATO co-operation programme Pairtnership for Peace.

Since 3 Juin 2016, weemen haeve been alloued tae serve in combat units o the Airmed Forces.[15]

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