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Saudi Arabian Airmed Forces
Foondit1745; 275 years ago[1]
Current furm1902 (Reconstitutit III)[2]
Service branches Ryal Land Forces
Ryal Naval Forces
Ryal Air Forces
Ryal Air Defense
Supreme commanderPrince Mohammad Al Saud
Commander-in-ChiefGeneral Fayyadh Al Ruwaili
Militar age17[3]
Active personnel227,000[5]
Deployed personnel
11,200+ (Sep 2015 est.)
Syne 14 Mairch 2011[6][7]
Syne 26 Mairch 2015[8][9]
 Djibouti – Naval base
Syne 15 October 2015
 Turkey – Unkent
Syne 25 February 2016
BudgetUS$67.6 billion (2018)[10] (ranked 3rd)
Percent o GDP8.8% (2018)[10]
Domestic suppliers Royal Ceety
Foreign suppliers
Relatit airticles
RanksKSA military ranks

The Saudi Arabian Airmed Forces (Arabic: القُوَّات المُسَلَّحَة العَرَبِيَّة السُّعُودِيَّة‎, SAAF) an aw kent as Ryal Saudi Airmed Forces, are the militar forces o the Kinrick o Saudi Arabie. Thay include the General Staff o the five services responsible for the defence (in order o precedence) the Airmy, the Navy, the Air Forces, the Air Defense, an the Missiles Force, unner the Meenister o Defense an Aviation (MODA). The Saudi Arabian Naitional Gaird (SANG) falls unner the admeenistrative control o the Meenistry o National Gaird, instead o the MODA, an aw as the Ryal Gaird an Border Gaird forces. In addition, the Arabian Kinrick maintains lairge paramilitary forces unner the control of the Meenistry o Interior. Thare is an aw GIP which is the general militar intelligence service.

The SAAF are ane o the best-fundit defence forces in the warld.[11] Saudi Arabie haes the warld's third lairgest defence budget.[10]

International Institute for Strategic Studies estimates in 2017 leetit a tot o 127,000 personnel (75,000 RSLF; 13,500 Navy; 20,000 Air Force; 16,000 Air Defence; an Strategic Missile Forces 2,500).[12] The RSLF figure is quite possibly inflatit. The Naitional Gaird, wi 100,000 personnel, mony tribal an anelie-available-on-callup, and 24,500 paramilitar personnel roond oot the figures. The IISS Military Balance leets reserve personnel when reliable figures are available, but did nae leet ony reserve personnel for Saudi Arabie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first steps towards biggin an institutionalised airmed force for Saudi Arabie bygane in the 1940s, when Saudi regulars nummered perhaps 1,000–1,500, Gaub saying that officers maistly came frae the Ottoman troops who haed served the Sharif o Mecca afore his being expelled in 1924.[13] A Meenistry o Defence wis creautit in 1944; a militar schuil foondit in Taif, and the Unitit Kinrick began efforts tae try tae build a professional force. Efter the failure of this UK programme, a subsequent U.S. programme which ran frae 1951 an aw failed tae reach its objective (the creaution for three tae five Regimental Combat Teams. Growth o the airmed forces wis slow, tae some 7,500–10,000 by 1953, and that growth halted towards the end of the 1950s because o poleetical factors (the Free Officers in Egyp; twa plots bi senior officers; an internal Saudi power struggles).

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Cheenae, Roushie, Saudi Arabie Boosted Defense Maist as U.S. Cut

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