Airmed Forces o Maltae

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Airmed Forces o Maltae
Forzi Armati ta' Malta
Coat of arms Armed forces of Malta.svg
The coat o airms o the Airmed Forces o Maltae.
Foondit19 April 1973
Service branchesHeadquarters
1st Regiment
3rd Regiment
4th Regiment
23x15pxMaritime Squadron
Air Weeng
WabsteidOfficial Website
Preses o MaltaeGeorge Vella
Meenister for Hame Affairs an Naitional SecurityMichael Farrugia MP
Commander o the Airmed ForcesBrigadier Jeffrey Curmi
Militar age18 years of age
Available for
militar service
99,107, age 15-49 (2002 est.)
Fit for
militar service
78,909, age 15-49 (2002 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
(2002 est.)
Active personnel1,692 (2017)
Budget€42.7 million (2012)
Percent o GDP0.6% (2012)
Foreign suppliers Unitit Kinrick
 Unitit States
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Maltae
King's Ain Maltae Regiment
Naitional Congress Battalions
RanksMilitar ranks o Maltae
Structure o the Airmed Forces of Maltae

The Airmed Forces o Maltae (Maltese: Forzi Armati ta' Malta) is the name gien tae the combined airmed services o Maltae. The AFM is a brigade sized organisation conseestin o a heidquarters an three separate battalions, wi minimal air an naval forces. Syne Maltae is the gairdian o the European Union's makst sootherly mairch, the AFM haes an active role in border control.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Apryle 1800, while the blockade o Valletta wis unnerway, Thomas Graham raised the first offeecial Maltese Truips in the Breetish Airmy, which became kents as the Maltese Licht Infantry. This battalion wis disbandit in 1802 an succeedit bi the Maltese Provincial Battalions, the Maltae Coast Artillery an the Maltese Veterans. In 1815, Lieutenant Colonel Count Francis Rivarola wis entrustit wi the task o raising the Ryal Maltae Fencible Regiment follaein the disbandment o the Provincials, Veterans an Coast Artillery. The Ryal Maltae Fencible Regiment wis convertit tae an artillery regiment in 1861 an became kent as the Ryal Maltae Fencible Artillery. Twenty-aicht years later, the direct predecessors o the modren Airmed Forces o Maltae came intae existence follaein the formation o the Ryal Maltae Artillery on Mairch 23, 1889.

The Keeng's Ain Maktae Regiment wis a territorial infantry regiment on the Breetish Airmy colonial leet. It wis formed in 1801 as the "Regiment o Maltese Militia", existin anelie until the follaein year. It wis reformed as the "Maltese Militia" bi Sir Adrian Dingli in 1852 afore bein disbandit again in 1857. It wis raised again, this time as the "Ryal Maltae Regiment o Militia" in 1889; this regiment wis conseedert tae be the successor tae the "Maltese Chasseurs" o the early 19th century. The regiment wis renamed the "Keeng's Ain Ryal Maltae Regiment o Militia" in 1903 an wis disbanded in 1921. The regiment wis raised for a fowerth time in 1931 as the "Keeng's Ain Maltae Regiment". Initially on the Breetish Establishment, in 1951 it wis transferrit tae the Malta Territorial Force before acomin pairt o the Maltae Laund Force on Maltae's unthirldom in 1970. The regiment wis disbandit in 1972.

The AFM wis formed upon Maltae acomin a republic in 1974, when 1 Regiment Ryal Maltae Artillery wis renamed as 1 Regiment, AFM. This initially continued the artillery role, wi 2 Regiment formed as an engineers unit. In 1980, 1 Regiment acame a mixed unit, wi infantry, aircraft an maritime responsibilities, the artillery element bein transferrit tae 2 Regiment. In 1992, thare wis a major re-organisation, which led tae the formation o 3 Regiment an the current structure.

KOMR Battle Honours

  • 1800 (awardit for services o the Maltese Chasseurs)
  • Seicont Warld War: Malta 1940–1942

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