Airden, Glesga

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Airden (Gaelic: Àirdan, Inglis: Arden) is the location o a middlin-sizit hoosin estate on the gey edge o Glesga, soothwast o the ceetie centre.

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The S.S.H.A (Scots Special Hoosin Associe) biggit the estate atwixt 1953 an 1957, tae rehoose faimilies frae the auld owercroudit inner ceetie closes. Historically, Airden wis a fairm an formit pairt o Sir John Maxwell's laund. Ane o lik 7 adjynin haudins. Seetuatit on aunciant Stewart laund, oreeginally grantit tae Walter Stewart, 6th Hie Steward o Scotland bi Robert the Bruce, upon his mairriage tae Marjorie Bruce, the Keeng's auldest dochter. Airden is near Thonliebank a veelage formit on the watter tae manufactur claith an a specializit prentin o cloth kent as beetling. Thonliebank linen wis quite faur kent in the 1800s until the shew-up o the faceelitie in or aroond 1920. The biggin adjynin pairt o whit is nou Airden wis uisit as a preesoner o weir camp during the second world war. The nearest Railwey Station is in Kennisheid namit efter anither o Sir John's fairms.

Airden becam gey rindoun durin the 1970s & 80s an grants war made for its replenishment. It's no quite feenisht bit is muckle impruiven. The shapping aurie conteenin aroond sax businesses is in immediate need o investment an replenishment. In 1999 the estate wis bocht b Glen Oaks Hoosin Associe for a rumourit £6m, bit the associe haes syne taen wi this mey hae been a raither swalt sum, an thay hae strauchlit tae mak necessar replenishes as thay ar fundit ainly bi rents.

Amenities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Airden bowsts the new Eshpairk Primary whilk appenit on 2 December 2008 an replacit the foregane Airden Primary Schuil an Carndouk Primary Schuil. The seicont schuil, St. Louise Primary wis jynit thegidder wi the newly rebug St. Vincent's Primary in Carndouk, St. Louise closit in Juin 2009 an the biggins war cawit doun. Airden becam the first hoosin schame tae hae a public hoose (The Cuillins) preevately biggit in 1964-5 whilk than becam a brewery pub in 1968.

In faur ben cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Airden wis featurit in the T.V Programme Colin and Justin on the Estate[1] whilk luikit at thair efforts tae impruive the aurie. Some o the residenters o Airden, an forby some foregane residenters war concernt aboot the slant o the shaw, an war parteecular fasht bi the fact that the producers o the shaw concentratit thair tent on hoosing units that war schedulit for cawin doun an no on hoosing that haes seen extensive an successfu replenishment. Alasdair McKee, Glen Oaks chief executive, concludit houiver, that the program wis a success an "the improvements have helped to convince people that we can make a difference" an contreebutit tae a waitin leet o fowk wantin tae git intae the estate.[2]

Notes and references[eedit | eedit soorce]

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