Airchduke Karl Ludwig o Austrick

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Airchduke Karl Ludwig
Anton Einsle Erzherzog Karl Ludwig 1848.jpg
Airchduke Karl Ludwig in 1848 bi Anton Einsle.
Born30 Julie 1833(1833-07-30)
Schönbrunn Pailace, Vienna, Austrick Empire
Dee'd19 Mey 1896(1896-05-19) (aged 62)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
SpouseMargaretha o Saxony
Maria Annunciata o the Twa Sicilies
Maria Teresa o Portugal
IssueAirchduke Franz Ferdinand
Airchduke Otto Franz
Archduke Ferdinand Karl
Airchduchess Margarete Sophie
Airchduchess Maria Annunciata
Airchduchess Elisabeth Amalie
Full name
Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria
FaitherAirchduke Franz Karl o Austrick
MitherPrincess Sophie o Bavarie
Archducal Coronet.svg
Wappen Habsburg-Lothringen Schild.svg

Airchduke Karl Ludwig o Austrick (Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria; 30 Julie 1833 – 19 Mey 1896) wis an Airchduke o Austrick bi birth an wis the younger brither o Franz Joseph I o Austrick (1830–1916), the faither of Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick (1863–1914), whose assassination ignited Warld War I, an grandfaither o the last cazard, Karl I.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

His first wife, whom he mairit on 4 November 1856 in Dresden, wis his first cousin Princess Margaretha o Saxony (1840–1858), dochter o Kíng Johann o Saxony (1801–1873) an Amalie Auguste o Bavarie (1801–1877). They haed nae issue.

Seicont mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

His seicont wife, whom he mairit bi proxy on 16 October 1862 at Rome, and in person on 21 October 1862 at Venice, wis Princess Maria Annunciata o the Twa Sicilies (1843–1871), dochter o Ferdinand II o the Twa Sicilies (1810–1859) an Maria Theresa o Austrick (1816–1867).

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick (December 18 1863 – Juin 28 1914) he mairit morganatically Coontess Sophie Chotek von Chotkow und Wognin an haed issue.
  2. Airchduke Otto Franz o Austrick (21 Aprile 1865 – 1 November 1906) mairit Princess Maria Josepha o Saxony an haed issue.
  3. Archduke Ferdinand Karl o Austrick (27 December 1868 – 12 Mairch 1915) mairit Bertha Czuber.
  4. Archduchess Margarete Sophie o Austrick (13 Mey 1870 – 24 August 1902) mairit Albrecht, Duke o Württemberg an haed issue.

Third mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Described as ane o the maist beautiful wumen in Europe, on 23 Julie 1873 in Kleinheubach, in Bavarie, Germany, he mairit Infanta Maria Teresa o Portugal, dochter o Kíng Miguel I o Portugal

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Airchduchess Maria Annunciata o Austrick (13 Julie 1876 – 8 Aprile 1961) niver mairit an haed nae kent issue.
  2. Airchduchess Elisabeth Amalie o Austrick (7 Julie 1878 – 13 Mairch 1960) mairit Prince Alois o Liechtenstein an haed issue (parents o Prince Franz Josef II o Liechtenstein)